Prayer by Antoine de Saint Exupéry

This little-known prayer was written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in one of the roughest periods of his life. It reminded us here at Bright Side about what’s important in life and deeply touched both our minds and souls.

Lord, I’m not praying for miracles and visions, I’m only asking for strength for my days. Teach me the art of small steps.

Make me clever and resourceful, so that I can find important discoveries and experiences among the diversity of days.
Help me use my time better. Present me with the sense to be able to judge whether something is important or not.

I pray for the power of discipline and moderation, not only to run throughout my life, but also to live my days reasonably, and observe unexpected pleasures and heights.

Save me from the naive belief that everything in life has to go smoothly. Give me the sober recognition that difficulties, failures, fiascos, and setbacks are given to us by life itself to make us grow and mature.

Send me the right person at the right moment, who will have enough courage and love to utter the truth!

I know that many problems solve themselves, so please teach me patience.

You know how much we need friendship. Make me worthy of this nicest, hardest, riskiest and most fragile gift of life.

Give me enough imagination to be able to share with someone a little bit of warmth, in the right place, at the right time, with words or with silence.

Spare me the fear of missing out on life.

Do not give me the things I desire, but the things I need.

Teach me the art of small steps!


Peace be with you!

One of the reason why Jesus came to this world is to give us Peace. Seldom we find Peace in our everyday life. We may find Peace when we go to Church. But, when we go back to home / work, we are back to our normal selves. But, if we try to bring Jesus to home / work / friends; we will have Peace in life.

The three things which causes us not be at Peace are:
1. Fear: Fear is the opposite of Peace. We experience fears within us. We often fear of what will happen in our lives everyday.
2. Pride: We are proud of ourselves. Pride makes us away from God, taking away the Peace in our lives.
3. Confusion: We often confuse about various things in this world and loose our faith in Jesus.

Where can we find Peace?
John 14:27 says, this world can’t give us the Peace that Lord can give. His Peace is one of the greatest gift to us. The Peace we get in this world is imaginary and making us into pieces. One of the best places we can find Peace is Church, because Jesus is truly present there. Sometimes, we still don’t find Peace in Church, because we don’t believe that Jesus is our saviour. So, start believing that He is our saviour, then we will experience His Peace and happiness.

There are three kinds of Peace:
1. Spiritual Peace: Peace with God. We should be peaceful with God first to be peaceful in our lives. Just remember that Jesus offered Himself on the cross to give Peace to the world.
2. Interior Peace: Peace of God. We are often not at peace because of all the happenings around us. Jesus said, “Come to me, all who are burden, I will give you eternal Peace….” When we are in Jesus and with Jesus, we will be at Peace, because Jesus will take care of us.
3. Relational Peace: Peace with Others. If we have Spiritual Peace and Interior Peace, we can definitely be at peace in our relationship with others because God will guide us in our relationships.

Listen to this beautiful song (Prayer of St. Francis) and pray to Lord to provide us Peace in our lives:

Peace that lord gives us is the Peace that we are / should be longing for. World gives us a temporarily Peace, temporary satisfaction. If we have Peace of lord, we will never be thirsty again, we will not be angry again.

Peace be with you!

God’s love.. So deep..

Today let us remember the experiences of being loved by Jesus. In the Gospel reading, John 15:9-11, Jesus tells us, “As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you. Remain in my love.” How comforting is to know that Jesus loves us same as the Father loved him? There is no other person who can love us so much like Jesus. 

Today, Jesus is calling us to remain in his love, which is so pure, so real and alive in us. His love gives joy in our hearts. His unfailing love is here to take our hands and guide us through life. Remember that we are never alone in this journey of life. All we need to have is trust Him, acknowledge His true love and follow him. 

Let us pray: Jesus, help me not to be afraid of entering into your heart and remaining in Your love. You are not here to punish me or hurt me, but You simply want to love me as I am. I surrender my life once more into your hands. I am here to be loved by you once more.


In a group discussion in my RCIA class, when asked for what are the difficulties of being a Catholic, various answers were given as below:

  • Resisting temptation
  • Discussions with non-christian & non-catholic people
  • Prayer life
  • being Christ like
  • love one another

All the above are true, but the first and most important difficulty every catholic faces is the ability to forgive. To know what God wants us to do, watch the below video:

God asks us to forgive our neighbors. Do we really do what God asks us to do? Its easy to forgive strangers than loved ones. Why is it so difficult to forgive our loved ones? Its because of the attachment. The un-forgiveness we have can cause lot of miss-understandings.

One of the question that everyone asks is how many times to forgive? When Peter asks the same question to Jesus, He answered forgive 7 times 77 times. It means just keep on forgiving. 

Why should I forgive? To gain peace. Forgiveness and peace are related as per the following graph:


So, the more you forgive, the more peace you gain. God made us to love and to be loved. The love will lead us to a better relationship. 

Forgiveness is unlocking the door to set someone free realizing that you are the prisoner

Many times we may say we forgive, but deep down in our heart, we may not truly forgive our loved ones. We are broken because of the un-forgiveness, but we don’t easily realize it. We do have lot of un-forgiveness in our lives. We are hurting ourselves with this un-forgiveness in life.

So, how to make forgiving easier? Jesus said in John 4:19, “We love because he loved us first.” And forgiveness is our choice. People say, “Forgive and Forget.” Many times we say we forgot, but actually we suppress like sweeping under the carpet. True forgiveness is that we need to know what the person did to us, acknowledge it and choose to forgive the person. Forgive the person in hope that the person will be touched by your love. 

Read the below bible readings which says that God loves us first:

  • Mt 18:23-35
  • Lk 7:47
  • Col 3:13

When deep injury occurs, We never recover until we forgive.
Forgiveness doesn’t change the past, but it does enlarge the future.

Watch the below video. Reflect on your own life and try to truly forgive others. 

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life

Today in the Gospel reading John 14:1-6, Jesus also tells us, “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God still, and trust in me.” Many times, we get to a point in life where we feel that we cannot go forward. But listen to His words and take courage to move forward.

When we are little children, we experienced parents unconditional love. We all trusted our parents unconditionally. But, when we grow older, we find it difficult to trust people around us, we become wary of whom to trust and how to trust.

If we find it hard to trust people whom we can see, how much more difficult is to trust God whom we cannot see? How can we trust that what God wants is best for us? The kind of trust we should have in Jesus should be beyond reason. Trust is rooted in knowing and loving Jesus personally as our friend. We should encounter him in moments of our weakness, moments of forgiveness and moments of joys. Remember the words Jesus tells us today in the gospel, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” We should surrender ourselves to Him and trust that He will never let us down. When we truly believe that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life, we will definitely make our way to heaven through Him.

Today, let us encounter Him and renew our trust in Him.

Can we tolerate our neighbors imperfections?

Our Lord is perfect. He created us in His image and wants us to be perfect.

Many times we are imperfect by going against Lord. Our weaknesses and imperfections may help us to grow closer to Him by forcing us to depend on Him. At the same time, He tolerates our imperfections. Tolerating our imperfections reflects His perfection.

Think of this: Lord, who is all perfect, can accept our imperfections. But, we being imperfect, seldom accept our neighbors imperfections. 

Lord is telling us, the more we accept our neighbors imperfections, the more perfect we become.

Let’s pray and ask our perfect Lord to give us a good heart to accept our neighbors imperfections. Amen.

Jesus, the Good shepherd!

Jesus, our shepherd talks to us, and we should listen to him. We can listen only when we are calm and we shut out all our noises: our egos, our worries, our anger, our lust, etc.

Many times, when problems comes, it is so easy to forget Jesus and flee from Him. But, if we take some time in our difficult situations and listen to Him, it will lead us to encounter Him and He will take care of our situations. He is the only one that can give us eternal life.

Any one who treats Jesus as their shepherd, will be safe. He keeps us secure and safe. With Him, we need not be afraid because we are in good hands and we can rest in His presence peacefully.

Today, let us Be still and open to listen to Jesus, our shepherd’s voice. Let us have intimate encounter with Him. Just trust Him and remember that He loves us even we are not perfect.